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Payday 2 Game

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Payday 2 - co-op FPS, which supports up to 4 players, and will be released in digital form. Four characters from the previous part - Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains - back and Payday 2. This time they are sent to the Washington County (Washington D.C.) to participate in the “underworld epic fun.”


Action will go on sale in August, according to CVG. The exact date of release of the game about the robbery is not yet known. The project should appear on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. As the creators thought about tinkering with the game on the new generation of consoles Xbox720, PS4.

Game developers of Overkill studio noted that the sequel to Payday: The Heist, in contrast to the first part will be released not only in digital form, but also on physical media. The studio will release the disk version of the game for Xbox 360 and PS3. PC-version will be available only through the Steam service. Already, there can pre-order the game. The price depends on how many add-ons you will gain.

Continued Payday is, as the first part, is a co-op shooter in which players act as robbers. They have to steal money from banks and warehouses, as well as conduct other risky criminal operations.

Among the innovations of the game - CRIMENET network that makes it easy to select the available contracts and types of work. As you progress you will be able to develop one of the 4 professions to character - Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost or Technician - each has its own skill tree and affects the style of play. Not only that, but also weapons, accessories, masks, and new jobs will be open as it passes. Performing missions will bring you more unique items.


Overkill Software promises a whole new arsenal of weapons, each of which can be modified. In addition, the looting (and other missions) will now have a random scenario that includes a random geometry levels and events, and the opponents will get a new AI.

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