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For Those Who Like to Play

New Slitherio Game

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Management is based on the interaction with the mouse. Where the user will indicate to the snake and will move. Try that would during gameplay nothing distracted, because one awkward movement and you’re already defeated. Will mourn spent hours Harvest Slitherio online - people and gamers fast you will forget, because in your place will be others, agile and motivated players first.


The new Slitherio online game, tells about the plight of the worm alone, being in a hard and treacherous world. In the menu list the your name. Then you find yourself in the fictional area of dark color, little recalling those most space. Scattered all over the field bright glowing grains, balls. The main purpose - to collect as many of these points to get into the top 10, and increase to unrealistic dimensions when no one will doubt your greatness and mania for gigantism.

The graphics in this story is very colorful. She’s very contrasting. Patterns are drawn on the highest level, and the behavior of character smooth and dynamic, thanks to the refined animation developers. The picture is made in high resolution, so that deploying a browser to full screen (the function by pressing the F11 key), you can see the details, even the very small particles and elements that will appear on the field.

Definitely worth playing Slitherio - strategic and exciting taymkiller and become large and giant slug on a glade.

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