For Those Who Like to Play
For Those Who Like to Play

My Little Pony for Android

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Someone else does not know the My Little Pony animated series about funny little ponies? The games, created based on one of the most popular cartoons of recent years, tells of the Moon Pony. After centuries of imprisonment, she still managed to get out. But nothing good this is not over - the field of its liberation on Ponyville fell eternal darkness.


Now only Twilight Spark, with the support of faithful friends and magic, is able to bring light back to earth. Build a town together with the magic ponies and make it the best in Equestria. In the game, you will meet all the fans of the animated series of the ponies: Raduga, Fluttershy, Applejek and the others, and you will play with them in fascinating mini-games. And remember, friendship is magic!

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