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For Those Who Like to Play

Juegos Friv - Free Online Puzzle Games

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Online puzzles are designed for those who like to break their heads over various tricky tasks. On the Juegos Friv site you will find online games in large numbers and for the most discerning players. After these games, many other insoluble or simply difficult situations will seem like an easy walk.


An exciting online puzzle game - a suitable occasion for brainstorming and manifestation of an uncommon approach to solving game tasks. Some of them are so original and unusual that they require some time to understand what is happening on the screen. A lot of online puzzles in terms of gameplay is built on physics, this is a popular direction due to the realism of physical laws and reactions when acting on objects in the game. Built-in mini-puzzles can be found in games of other genres - especially often in quests.

In general, the genre of such games is very extensive and allows you to “embed” themselves in a variety of meaning in the gameplay and the gameplay. As an example of classic puzzles, you can bring tasks with matches, where you need to shift, add or remove one or more matches in such a way that a completely different figure is obtained. Well, if we talk about puzzles online, then a good example will be games where the character must get from the starting point to the final one, bypassing all the traps and / or obstacles and enemies - in such games, non-standard thinking sometimes plays a key role. The catalog of online puzzles on the site gives you a wide selection of interesting games of this genre that do not require installation and are always available for playing directly in the browser.

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