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Empty Space - Why is it Needed in The Interior?

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A good interior design from HomeID is determined not only by how things are arranged, but also how much free space remains after that. In Western sources, you can find a term describing this principle of composition, it is called - negative space. Empty space is something that is badly lacking even in large apartments or country houses. A person acquiring the coveted square meters of living space is trying to take it all up to the last centimeter with objects and things.


Negative space is the empty space around our objects. In two-dimensional graphics, the background for the figure is so called, and in general it is perceived as something secondary, but without it a good composition will not work. It happens that an artist or a graphic designer enters a figure-background game, where the roles of parts of an image change places depending on what the viewer’s attention is focused on.

In interior design, often all attention is paid to the functional saturation of the room and the appearance of finishing materials and objects. The space between the objects reluctantly leave because it requires ergonomics, and this is where its importance is exhausted. In simple terms, to sit on the sofa, between the sofa and the table should be a passage, this is the negative space in the basic sense. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong. To an empty place can not be treated as an empty place.

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