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For Those Who Like to Play

Block Craft 3D - Game Like Minecraft

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Block Craft 3D is a simulator games like Minecraft from a popular developer, where you need to build the most unique building among friends and share news with them.


In this Android App you are waiting for meetings with animals, multiplayer mode, for a fun game with friends. Ideal for any child or adult. Beautiful pixel graphics, the ability to sell their masterpieces for jewelry, a unique choice of the type of building (from a cozy apartment with a kitchen, to the intergalactic castle) - all this is waiting for you. Try to visit and play with friends - together open up new opportunities for buildings.

You have to build fantastic works of art - schools, palaces, cities. The opportunity to choose furniture for rooms yourself is all for revealing your creative nature. Take home a pet - an elephant or a cat, a puppy or a pony. Go on a quest adventure! Regularly visit the locality of friends and help them to finish what they started. Have fun!

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